Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Economic Eugenics and Financial Societal Manipulation

The USA is supposedly the Land of the Free.  Perhaps it was at one time, for a certain segment of the population, the Land of the Free.  But it's been a long time since that were true.  Now Constitutional Rights are regularly infringed upon by the USA Govt and it doesn't seem like anybody can put a stop to it.  Things like spying on citizens, ability to arrest and detain citizens, taking property belonging to citizens, and simple inability to change the a law to a more favorable climate for citizens, are being practiced.  Two classes have emerged, the Lower Class merging with the Lower Middle Class and Middle Class, which lives in a distinctly separate world from the Upper Middle Class and Ruling Class.

The average citizen is not supposed to perceive this, though.  They are expected to go to school where they will be trained by ringing bells in rows with very little individualized attention, basically taught to sit down and shut up, where they will be forced to pick a "career" doing this for the rest of their lives, only given a respite when they are elderly and almost ready to leave the world.

We are now too "advanced" for Govt agencies to just simply announce this, though.  Gone are the days when rulers can tell you to "sit down and shut up and work, or Die".  The USA is a Capitalism, in which Money takes the highest precedence.  Therefore, you are not told these things in words.  You are told these things with money - or lack thereof.

There is an Agenda that is forced on the average person in the USA.  That agenda is first and foremost,
"do what everyone else is doing, shut up about it, and don't ask any questions or do anything else or you are gong to die".  The way it is enforced is through money.  When you graduate from public high school or college (4 more years of pablum unless you are at an Elite School  OR Luck Out with a Teacher Who Cares (VERY RARE)), you must "pick a career".  If you don't, you will be forced to get a job that drains all your energy, degrades you and doesn't give you enough to live from.  You will then be at a disadvantage in any relationship or friendship in that you will either be forced to live at home with your parents, or if that is not an option, forced to live in a terrible area, out of the back of a car or van, or in an intolerable  "shelter".  OR you will be forced into a relationship with someone you don't care for.  More on that next.

The second part of the agenda is that you must pick a partner and, hopefully, breed.  Therefore, things in the USA are priced so that only two people can afford a normal sized place to live in a neighborhood that is even average, not great, much less a neighborhood considered "great".  Essential things like Health Insurance, Rent, the price of maintaining a vehicle…all together, they can be afforded by two MUCH easier than one.  Do you think this is an accident?  In the 50s, the salary of one man could support a husband, wife, children, send the children to college AND afford retirement savings, AND health insurance during the working years.  It's no accident that just as women were achieving their independence and entering the workforce, the prices of everything rose so that they still could not afford to stay single for long.  But now, neither can men.  EVEYRONE is caught in this bind.  The message is "you are only worth preserving if you can maintain a relationship." "Men and Women were meant to get married and have a family, and unless you are willing to do this you can just live half a life" "Getting married and having a family is American Values and either adopt our values or get cut out of all the good stuff".   And so forth.

It is also to force people to become partners with people who are less than desirable, as long as they are good providers.  In the USA, MONEY rules. So those who can earn more or have more wealth are perceived as being deserving of partners (to hopefully breed with), even if they are downright painful to be around socially or otherwise.  In this way people who happen to be born in moderate circumstances are forced  to pick an available partner with money - even if they don't care for them(hopefully to breed).  The alternative for them is often a low wage job that is degrading, a poor neighborhood, no health insurance and a higher risk of Death.  This is the result of not providing a Minimum Wage that can be lived from, and Affordable Housing in decsetly safe neighborhoods, and health insurance.

Corporations offer descent wages and health insurance on their shared plan.  So working for a Corporation was seen as a ticket out of poverty.  Of course, your life will be drained away doing the bidding of the Corporation rather than following your own goals.  But this was seen as something expected - that it was MORE THAN ANYONE COULD HOPE FOR, TO FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS.  Millions of people in the USA have sold their lives to a Corporation in exchange for enough money to live in a descent neighborhood, a descent house, and have Health Insurance.

The combined Financial Message is : "Unless a Corporation, a person who works for a Corporation or some other person with Money finds you attractive/useful, you deserve to do a degrading job where you slowly break down from not having Health Insurance and die early".  "Unless you Breed with this person, you can be thrown out back to the same circumstances.  It's only through having Children that your position is insured."

EUGENICS refers to a government sponsored program in which only certain citizens were seen as worthy to breed, and others deemed "less desirable" were sterilized so as to not allow them to contribute to the gene pool.  In some cases such as Hitler's Haulocaust, the "undesirable" people were killed en masse.

Here in the USA, this is happening to Lower Middle Class individuals.  The idea is to separate out not the smartest but the MOST COMPLIANT individuals and allow them to breed the most - those who follow the mainstream track of graduating high school, then college, then getting a career.   The Ruling Class need not follow this pattern that eats up most of the person's waking life.  They rely on Trust Funds and money that has Already Been Earned for their sustenance.  The Low Class also does not rely on Earned Money - they are eligible for Medicaid, Housing Projects, Food Stamps, etc. in a timely manner (not fighting for it for years).  In the past if a Lower Middle Class person applied for this sort of help, most often they were Denied.  There were mechanisms in place to fend of all but the Lowest Third of the population from availing themselves of these emergency relief services (Socialism?).

A Lower Middle Class Person is expected to find a partner during the time they were in school, get married to them and breed.  Any deviation from these expectations means that they will be struggling in a hard life that they will eventually tire of, due to the costs of daily living and Rent being too high to afford.  To continue to struggle will often lead to serious health problems, stress related issues and possibly early Death.  Certainly living in poor neighborhoods means the possibility of early death and other atrocities like robbery, rape, etc.  Not being able to afford Health Insurance leads to dramatically decreased function and eventual early Death.

How many people have died of these causes?  How many have not had children due to financial hardship? How many people had children with partners they did not care for?  How many are in miserable relationships with people they do not care to be with?  How many children are hurt by having parents who do not care for one another? How many people have sold their life to a Corporation, for a Career that they are not interested in, do not care for and are wasting their lives on?  All to follow the Societally Prescribed Formula - if you're Lower Middle Class you don't get to do what you want - you do what WE want, or Else.


There is no easy answer when you have an entire culture focused on trying to get you to do certain things.

The FIRST thing you must do is to WAKE UP TO YOUR MANIPULATION AND THE THREATS BEING LEVELED AGAINST YOU.  Once it is clear, you must make a promise to yourself - to never, Never do things that you do not want to do, against your Will.  The Agenda that you are being forced into is outmoded and desperately confining and damning for an individual, it belongs in another era when there really was no choice.  We have choices now.

You must also take every opportunity to join in the fight for a LIVING MINIMUM WAGE, so that anyone who gets a job can pay rent, eat, clothe themselves, etc.  You must work hard do dismantle the corporate scheme of hiring people who live in Housing Projects for low wage jobs and whom only pay a small amount of rent money per month, so that they can afford to be paid less( and therefore stay in the trap forever) .  And of course, Outsourcing, so that someone in a country with a poor economy gets a job that an American Citizen would have had.

You must also fight to realize and make everyone else realize that WORK ITSELF IS COMING TO A CLOSE.  Advances in technology are making certain jobs obsolete, and one day they will make almost EVERY JOB OBSOLETE.  A Socialism is inevitable, as much as people would love to believe that this is not true - it is.  All you have to do is look to the END of the road the the Industrial Revolution put us on.  What did you THINK was going to happen?  Even if this is something that nobody wants, it WILL happen, if not in our lifetime, in our grandchildren's lifetime or beyond.  It's just the natural result of exponentially increasing technology.

So what can you do RIGHT NOW to CUT AND RUN???

1) "Obamacare"( The Affordable Care Act) has made Health Insurance available to millions of people in the USA.  The process of initiating Socialized Medicine is well under way.  If your state has the option, sign up for it.  If you live in one of the terrible states that has refused to implement it yet, seriously consider moving to another State.  Don't stay in a job or relationship for the Health Insurance.

When you are not in fear for your Health and your Life, you will be much less easily manipulable.  You can then begin to explore yourself and make decisions based on what YOU would like to do, what suits YOUR personality- not what suits a corporation or other job, or a partner.

2) Become financially independent.  This could mean giving up an expensive house or apt, car or other toys.  Or it could mean learning a new skill so that you can earn extra money.  Go back to school or to a trade school.  Try with all your might to make it so that you can pay your own bills without being dependent on someone else to provide you with a place to live, health insurance and other basic things.  Learn about the Tiny House Movement or ways to build your own dwelling, how to purchase land and so forth, or other much cheaper housing alternatives(see the Cut And Run blog about ALTERNATIVE LIVING CHOICES and THE MORTGAGE SCAM).  Try to get to the point where you do not answer to anyone and do not have to respond to the ringing of bells, clocks, etc and the demands of others to determine what you will spend your day doing.  You will obviously need to work, but do it with greater variability in schedule, more rest and sleep, more interest in what you are doing, etc.

3) Don't be a Gold Digger. When you choose a partner based on their financial well being rather than if you like them or not, you are only causing yourself and that person harm, and causing any children resulting from the relationship harm( when they realize that Mom and Dad don't really love each other. Do you want to raise children who have no example of Real Love?).  These relationships often end in divorce when one partner sees a better option or realizes that they are not loved, discovers cheating and a whole host of other ills.  Obviously it takes an equal and opposite sickness to tolerate the Gold Digging as it does to be the Gold Digger - don't play into either side.

4) Lower your threshold for being Manipulated with Money.  The next time you feel stressed about not having enough $, channel your energies into thinking of what you yourself can do to raise the amount you are making, somehow get into a better place to live, learn a new skill, etc.  Never fall prey to thinking "if I had a partner this would be so much easier".  If you don't love them, it really wouldn't be.

If enough people resist the Financial Manipulation and strive to make the world safer for THEM - JUST AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW, things WILL change, as we see now.